Pony Express Smokin’ Lava



Are you ready to set your mouth on fire? If so, indulge in our Smokin Lava Beef Jerky, a flavor for those that dare.

  • Made in the USA
  • 100% USA Beef
  • No Artificially Compressed Meat
  • 100% Whole-Muscle
  • USDA Approved

The closest thing to fire is lava. Dare to take the lava challenge. Each bite will burn a little more until your mouth feels like a furnace. “Hurts so good” is definitely the expression that sums up our Smokin Lava Beef Jerky!

Inspired by the days of the Pony Express Riders, our jerky treats all have distinctive flavors. Each out-of-this-world taste is memorable, and you won’t be able to forget the feeling of your tongue on fire when you finish up your first bite of Smokin Lava Beef Jerky.


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