All Natural Wild Boar Jerky Original (1.75 oz)


This delicious jerky has a mild, very lightly smoked flavor that suits virtually any taste bud. Perfect for people who like no-frills flavors!

Wild Boar Jerky??? Wild Boar Jerky! Sure…we could have just offered you Boar Jerky and you would have been just as happy. But we aren’t known for only doing the bare minimum. We thought we’d kick it up a notch and give you WILD Boar Jerky…because you deserve us to go the extra mile for you. As always, our Wild Boar Jerky is all-natural and made of the highest quality ingredients possible. No preservatives. No added MSG. No junk. Just good, old fashioned jerky made from Wild Boar!


Our Wild Boar Jerky is for the pork lovers everywhere! We use whole muscle meat from Wild Boar and season it with the highest quality, all-natural ingredients on the market to produce the most flavorful Pork Jerky anywhere. The best way to describe Wild Boar is like a naturally sweeter tasting pork. Its GOOD!


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