Jeff’s Famous Habanero Heat Wave


Jeff’s Famous Habanero Heatwave beef jerky offers savory tender slices of premium beef that are marinated and slow cooked to full-flavored, HOT and spicy decadence. The secret that makes this jerky so delicious is the balance of serious heat with bold flavor and a bit of sweetness. Taste it… wait for it…. the wave of habanero will make your taste buds dance in delight with so, so much flavor.


BEST PRODUCT OF 2012: Scott Roberts Web

FIVE STAR BEST RATING: “…Overall, it’s quite what I’ve come to expect from Jeff’s Famous Jerky, brimming with flavor, and well rounded with the sweet, heat, tangy, salty, and savory…. like chewing real meat, similar to a well-marbleized piece of rib-eye … the meat consistency is remarkable, being quite tender, soft and semi-moist, producing bursts of flavors with each chew…. packs a enough heat to make it enjoyable for chile-heads. I give this a BEST rating.”

“I recently had the opportunity to sample Jeff’s Famous Jerky’s new Habanero Heatwave beef jerky. This stuff is incredible. I am a chili head and this stuff delivers. It tastes of fresh habaneros with a great natural beef flavor. The heat on this is a perfect level. Not overbearing and too powerful, but hot enough to maybe break a sweat. Perfect for anyone to enjoy. A little sweet, hot, meaty. I couldn’t ask for a better beef jerky.” –Edward G., PENNSYLVANIA

“Habanero Heatwave is my Favorite! My all-time favorite! It is soooo good. I think it is perfect! I thought that your Cranberry Jalapeno was my favorite flavor, but no more! (I can’t even really taste it after Habanero Heatwave ) Thanks so much! I have no doubt you have a huge new hit on your hands. I will be ordering more!” -RD, OREGON

Awarded December, 2012 with the highest,
FIVE STAR BEST RATING by:scott-roberts-logo


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