Jeff’s Famous Sriracha Ghost Pepper


Jeff’s Famous Sriracha Ghost Pepper beef jerky is our hottest flavor, made especially for that elite group of people who never get enough heat!  We worked really hard to infuse the popular flavor of real Sriracha Sauce with the fiery heat and flavor of Ghost Pepper for the perfect fierce and fiery flavor.  It took lots of fine-tuning to get this exactly right and we had many, many people who love hot and spicy foods give us feedback so we could make sure the level of heat was perfect while still making sure the great flavor came through in every bite!


BEST FIVE STAR RATING: “Packed with lots of flavor for all the areas of the tongue. It’s more of a jerky you take smaller bites of to enjoy the wide range of flavors …almost like a spicy teriyaki, but with an emphasis on the tangy, fruity character of Sriracha and Ghost Pepper.”

“WHOOOO – I am a chili head, and since the introduction of the Habanero Heatwave, Jeff has been on point. Jeff’s Famous Sriracha Ghost Pepper beef jerky takes it up a notch or twenty.This has a no mistake smell of sriracha, but once you pop it in your mouth, the ghost pepper takes hold. It is fiercely hot, and incredible. It is complex, the more you chew, the more the ghost pepper fades into the heat of the Thai pepper sauce. This is an absolute must for people who like it HOT!” -E. Jason, Pennsylvania


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