Jeff’s Famous Orange-A-Peel


Jeff’s Famous Orange-A-Peel beef jerky offers soft and tender slices of premium beef in an original, tangy-sweet orange peel marinade that yields lightly pungent yet full-bodied excellence. Garlic, Asian Thai Chili peppers and real Orange Juice is only part of the secret that makes this jerky so delicious as it creates a delicate fusion of orange, sweet and mildly spicy flavors …slow cooked to perfection and tenderness beyond compare.  This unique recipe is one of our most complicated with lots of great ingredients… but so, so worth it!



EDITORS CHOICE: Fancy Food Magazine, 2013

RUNNER UP: Best Jerky in America 64 Brand Competition

“Jeff …Your jerky is amazing! I eat tons and tons of jerky, and I have tried so many brands I lost count. Today your package arrived and I took a bite, and let me say that it was the best jerky I have ever eaten. You can be sure that I will be a regular customer from now on!” -Cedric, SINGAPORE

FIVE STAR BEST RATING: …This Orange-A-Peel variety from Jeff’s Famous Jerky seems to deliver on its namesake… this jerky has a well-balanced flavor, giving a saucy marinade, with a sweet, tangy, fruity body, a light pungent orange zest to contrast that body, and a light spiciness to perk things up a bit…. the meat consistency seems great, easy to eat, semi-moist, but still chews like eating a real steak.”


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