Jeff’s Famous Old Fashioned Original


Jeff’s Famous Old Fashioned Original beef jerky is where it all began with a special blend of spices in a unique marinade that has been refined to perfection over more than three decades. The result is a savory classic jerky with a well-balanced natural beef flavor; soft and tender decadence in every bite.



“The Old Fashioned Original flavor is marinated with Jeff’s special spice mixture, resulting in a classic jerky flavor that is well-balanced, not too salty and intensely beefy.”  Editor’s Pick:

Field_Stream_Wild_Chef_ReviewTOP FOUR Favorite Brand of Original Flavor: “…Unique flavor. Never tasted jerky like this before…” -Field & Stream staff, Aug 2010

Rating: BEST: “Overall, it’s a very flavorful jerky with a good deal of flavor … much better flavor and meat consistency …than what you pay for in major brands of jerky in grocery stores…. a decent value …alot of snackability.”


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