Fuel The Mule Hot Sauce



Fuel The Mule Hot Sauce (5 FL.OZ. / 148 ml): Made extra-hot for your ass. In the desert, you can’t get your mule to move unless you give it some fuel. When camping, don’t set up camp down wind from your mule, even the rattlesnakes stay away. So please don’t donkey around with this sauce becuase it will definitely make a jackass out of you. Ingredients: Aged Red Peppers, Vinegar, Worcestershire, Habanero Peppers, Concentrated Vegetable Juice, Tomatoes, Honey, Clam Juice, Fresh Onions, Parmesan Cheese, Fresh Garlic in Water, Carrots, Cilantro, Spices, and Corn Starch. Brand: Fuel The Muel Hot Sauce Manufacturer: Tahiti Joe’s Hot Sauces Awards: none


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