Bacon Freak Hickory Bacon Jerky



Our Hickory-Smoked bacon jerky is for the bacon jerky purist. Of all our bacon jerkies, this jerky is most similar in taste to simple, honest, hickory-smoked bacon. It’s lightly peppered to bring out and highlight the salty, smoky, savory flavor of pure, unadulterated bacon.

The awesome texture of this Hickory-Smoked Bacon Jerky is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. We start with a leaner cut and cook it longer over a low temperature. The result is a bacon jerky that strikes the perfect balance between lean and fat. Keep bags of this handy-dandy pepper jerky at the office, in your car or in your pantry for whenever a craving for bacon strikes. It’s ideal for the hiking trail, bring it on a picnic or keep some in your emergency food supply stash. Any time is bacon jerky time!

Each package contains 2 oz. of delicious Bacon Jerky™.


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